This website was originally called, and is a project of the A-Mark Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) private operating foundation established in 1997. 

Methodology and Policies

1. Formatting Policies:
Charts and lists are not uniform in appearance because they contain different lengths and different data.

Long charts and lists may be embedded as PDFs. For example, see “65 restrictions on arms in place on Dec. 15, 1791″ – “VI. Summaries of the 143 Militia & Arms Laws and their 84 additional Sections of those laws.”

Shorter charts and lists may appear within a page, either pasted as an image or created from another source and pasted into the page.

2. Accuracy:
The information on this website is intended to be accurate and nonpartisan. Please contact us if you think something needs to be updated or revised.

3. Links:
Some pages on this website may link to other sites. We do not have the resources to check these links regularly, but readers are encouraged to contact us if they believe a link is no longer current or accurate.

4. Unbiased Information:
We are providing this information as a public resource; we do not take a position on or endorse any of the information or organizations to which we have linked.

5. Errors:
When we find or are notified about errors on our website, we will normally work to correct them within four business days.